How can brands successfully communicate with candidates to demonstrate their values, culture and the benefits of working for them? How can a company engage with its own employees to create brand ambassadors? How can new sought-after talent be identified and recruited for the future?

The battle for the best talent is in full swing. In times of skills shortage, companies find it increasingly difficult to recruit new talent. Equally, it’s essential for companies to retain skilled and valuable employees in the long term. The reputation of a brand as an employer is more significant today than ever before. Now, it’s crucial for a company’s success.

We advise companies in developing an authentic and appealing employer brand, and in creating effective communication strategies and campaigns to run alongside this. We place candidates at the heart of everything we create across the entire candidate journey, to enable the best candidate experience right from the start.

Our team of highly qualified communication and HR marketing specialists, creative teams, media specialists, and digital and social media experts, are here to build our clients’ messages in the most relevant way for their target audiences. We also work together with the renowned management and HR consultancy firm, Kienbaum, to explore personnel development and recruiting, with mutual benefits for all involved.

Employer Branding - Services at a glance

  • Employer Brand Development and Positioning
  • Employer Brand Status Quo Analysis and Communicative Employer Branding Process Implementation
  • Employer Value Proposition Development, Internal Employer Branding, External Employer Branding Measures
  • Integrated Campaign Development and Implementation
  • Personnel and University Marketing
  • Social Recruiting via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, XING, LinkedIn and Other Social Networks
  • Content Development and Management
  • Conceptual Design and Implementation of Career Websites
  • Career and University Fairs and Other Events
  • Recruiting Videos and Testimonials