We are a team of passionate communication specialists with significant experience and proven expertise in Brand and Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, and Employer Branding.

In today’s world, great Brand and Corporate Communications are crucial to entrepreneurial success. With so many channels and media available, communications strategies must bridge the gap between digital and creative ideas to effectively reach and engage with their target audiences.
That’s why we think and act collaboratively, concentrating on a holistic approach to content and developing effective, efficient plans and campaigns. We work in an agile way, using lean structures and organisation to pool our expertise and focus in on digital solutions.

With a strong network of partners, we’re well-placed to collaborate on a range of projects.

For example, we are working together with the management and HR consulting firm, Kienbaum, on various HR communications projects. Another important partner for us is the strategy and management consultancy CCouncelors, which we partner with on a regular basis. We have close relationships with the media agencies Wirkstoffmedia and Outmaxx, as well as the web agency Zellwerk. With these partners, we’ve delivered both minor and major national and international projects and campaigns with strong results for our clients.